IAAEU Discussion Papers






Batut, Cyprien und Eric Maurin:

Termination of Employment Contracts by Mutual Consent and Labor Market Fluidity

IAAEU Discussion Paper 05/2020.


Goerke, Laszlo:

An Efficiency-Wage Model with Habit Concerns About Wages

IAAEU Discussion Paper 04/2020.

zugleich: IZA Discussion Paper 13454.

zugleich: CESifo Working Paper 8428.


Goerke, Laszlo:

Horizontal FDI in a Dynamic Cournot-Oligopoly with Endogenous Entry

IAAEU Discussion Paper 03/2020.

erschienen als "A Political Economy Perspective on Horizontal FDI in a Dynamic Cournot-Oligopoly with Endogenous Entry" in: European Journal of Political Economy, 63: 1-14.


Fumarco, Luca, Stijn Baert und Francesco Sarracino:

Younger, Dissatisfied, and Unhealthy - Relative Age in Adolescence

IAAEU Discussion Paper 02/2020.

erscheint in: Economics & Human Biology.


Goerke, Laszlo und Michael Neugart:

Thorstein Veblen, Joan Robinson, and George Stigler (probably) never met: Social Preferences, Monopsony, and Government Intervention

IAAEU Discussion Paper 01/2020.

erscheint in: Canadian Journal of Economics.